We are creating a world which works for all of us in the future.


Our Beginning

Project Neosight started out of a need in 2012. The need of making sure our planet sustains the growth of population in the next 35-45 years. We are building tools which will help us reduce this burden and become more efficient for the betterment of humans as a whole. 


“A happy and healthy world is not a fairytale. All you need is a seed. Today's seed is technology”

— James Goodman, FOUNDER


The Future

We believe the world needs to be a place where machine learning is at the heart of survival. We need humans to do the more intelligent work while machines can take the boring odd jobs. In an attempt to achieve this, we need to teach the machines how we think. 



Increase in human productivity


Get Involved

We take volunteers who teach our machines how to think and help create a better future. If you are interested in shaping the future of humanity, please get in touch.